Sehvit For People

Sehvit for people is being developed with your financial future in mind. It is a loyalty card program available at various retailers and service providers. Sehvit helps you save money for a rainy day or allows you to contribute to a specific savings account. Sehvit for people was designed to give you a great opportunity to start saving, or allow you to add more to your existing savings. You already know how important it is to save. Our mission at Sehvit is to simply remind you and help you achieve it.

Sehvit for people is all about flexibility. You contribute to the account(s) of your choice; whether it be an RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Account), an RESP (Registered Education Savings Account), a TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account), or an SLPA (Student Loan Payment Account), a special account being developed by Sehvit, specifically for students.

Here is how Sehvit will work for you:

  • Sign up on the Sehvit website,
  • Select the account(s) you would like your savings to be deposited to.
  • Sehvit then issues you your Sehvit number, coded with your preferences in the soon to be released Sehvit APP.
  • Everytime you shop with a participating retailer or service provider, simply supply your Sehvit card and cash is deposited directly into your account!
  • Round up your purchase to the nearest dollar every time you use your card and save even more! 

Examples of how Sehvit could benefit you:

  • Over the course of a year, shopping with participating retailers and service providers and rounding up each purchase, you accumulate $1000.00 (as an example), which is added to your RRSP.
  • When applied to your tax return, you would save approximately 30% in tax on that $1000, in essence adding $1300.00 to your savings.
  • Alternatively, putting that same $1000.00 (example) a year towards a student loan would reduce a 3 year loan by $3000.00.
  • The same $1000.00 (example) would gain interest at the banking rate, tax free in a TFSA.

Sehvit for people is the only loyalty program that truly promotes social responsibility, provides information about saving, and helps people become more financially secure. If you have trouble saving, paying off that student loan, or just do not have extra money to put into your RRSP, then Sehvit is definitely the loyalty program for you. Sehvit for people was designed to help everyone achieve a better financial future. This is why founder, Mauro Prosia has dedicated so much to make this happen.

Sehit for people was designed to help consumers to develop a way to enhance their ability to save and in order to educate them to be financially responsible. Sehvit for people will consist of 4 specific accounts. The sehvit for people accounts would consist of an RRSP ( Registered Retirement Savings Account) a RESP ( Registered Education Savings Account ) a TFSA ( Tax Free Savings Account) and a SLPA ( Student Loan Payment Account) an account which was developed by sehvit specifically for students.

The consumer would select which accounts they wish their savings to be applied to. Sehvit for people would then issue them a card coded to their preference or preferences. The card can be used to spit discounts to be applied to more than one account. When a consumer makes a purchase at participating retailers who are sponsors of the sehvit plan, sehvit for people will allow consumers to have the discounted amount on their purchase placed in their account and also have the ability to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar in order for the consumer to put more money away.

By belonging to sehvit, consumers would be easily contributing to their chosen accounts and thus help them to become more aware and socially responsible to save and become more financially literate.Sehvit for people is the only loyalty card which promotes social responsibility and actually helps the consumer to become more financially secure and better educated about saving.

Sehvit for people allows the consumer to choose the savings avenue best suited to their needs based on age, future needs, as well as present needs. Sehvit for people allows all individuals to have an opportunity to save for retirement, education, and just plain saving or payment towards student loans. Imagine the potential sehvit can give the consumer to achieve or surpass their financial needs. Sehvit for people is the only plan not tied to a credit card but will allow purchases to be made by the consumers choice of payment and the savings applied to their account and not applied to a credit card.

Sehvit for people is just that, finding an avenue to help save using accounts which benefit the consumer.

So for example if you placed $1000.00 in your RRSP that could actually benefit you approximately 30% when applied to your tax return so in essence you would have saved $1300.00. Or that same $1000.00 a year could reduce a 3 year student loan by $3000.00 . The same $1000.00 would gain interest at the banking rate tax freein a TFSA. In a RESP the principal grows tax free. The Canadian Government matches up to 20 cents on the dollar to a maximum $2500.00 deposit per year or $500.00. So not only does the money grow tax free an additional 20% per year can be realized.In addition depending on the primary care givers income an additional 10% to 20% more can be obtained on the first $500.00 placed in the account.

Sehvit for people was designed with the intention of helping all Canadians not just the few. Sehvit for people will create a stable base from which to become financially responsible, financially literate and socially responsible as well as develop financial freedom for your future.

If you have trouble saving or paying off that student loan or just don’t have extra money to put into your registered retirement savings plan then sehvit is the loyalty program for you.

Sehvit for people was designed to take advantage of the discounts commonly given by retailers and apply them directly to the sehvit account of choice best suited for the customer. You can bet that sehvit is the best loyalty program for you and me. That is why i have committed the time and resources to make sehvit for people happen.

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