Sehvit for People

The Sehvit for People series of blog posts was inspired by our conversations with Canadians. While creating the program, we spoke with people of all ages and incomes, learning about what concerns Canadians. Along with research, we found that almost half of us don’t have enough money to retire. Furthermore, we found that Canadians are having trouble saving for many of the important things in life.

For founder Mauro, creating a solution for Canadians became a mission. Originally created with retirement savings in mind, the program quickly grew to include saving for important concerns such as education, paying off debt, even donating to charities and religious organisations. Everyone has different priorities and needs, and Sehvit wants to help.

With the flexibility of the Sehvit program, there are countless ways to use it. Learn just a few ways the Sehvit program can work for you.

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Sehvit for Schools

  What is Sehvit? Sehvit is a unique, revolutionary loyalty program, designed to encourage and help all Canadians save money for the important things in life. Originally created to help save for retirement, we quickly realised that different…
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Sehvit for a Vacation

  Why is Saving for a Vacation so Important? For many of us, travelling is high on our list of important activities and goals. Perhaps you’re a college student wanting to backpack through Europe for the summer, or an over-worked parent…

Sehvit for Adults

What can Sehvit do for Adults? As adults, our needs, desires, and priorities vary. Retirement savings, however, are a necessity we all have in common. Unfortunately, many of us Canadians do not have sufficient retirement savings to retire or…
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Sehvit for Kids

  How can Sehvit Benefit Children? When you have time on your side, you are in the greatest position to save money for the future. With several years ahead to contribute, children can actually benefit the most from the Sehvit program.…