Sehvit for Businesses

While creating the Sehvit program, we spent a great deal of time speaking with Canadian business owners from all sectors. We learned a great deal about the concerns and needs of owners, finding many similarities. Inspired by our conversations, our Sehvit for Businesses series of blog posts illustrates just a few examples of the program.

Common to most businesses is the struggle to both connect with and retain new customers. Most business owners have never considered starting or joining a loyalty program, thinking that it it simply too expensive and difficult to implement.

If this sounds familiar, you are in good company. The Sehvit program was created with businesses like yours in mind. The first of its kind, the Sehvit program allows you as a business owner to tailor the program to your needs.

Join Sehvit today and become part of this revolutionary new program!

Sehvit Loyalty Program Sehvit for Landlords Blog Post Feature Image key in door

Sehvit for Landlords

  A Loyalty Program for Landlords? If you've been learning about Sehvit, you have likely discovered how businesses of all types will be using the program. During the course of developing Sehvit, we have spoken with Canadian business owners…
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Sehvit for Scrap Yards

How can the Sehvit Program Benefit my Scrap Yard? As the founder of Sehvit, I speak with both business owners and their customers every day. Recently, a scrap yard owner asked me how Sehvit could be used to help his business. The answer—and…