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Sehvit for Schools

  What is Sehvit? Sehvit is a unique, revolutionary loyalty program, designed to encourage and help all Canadians save money for the important things in life. Originally created to help save for retirement, we quickly realised that different people have different needs and priorities. Although one person may need to save more for retirement, the […]

Sehvit for a Vacation

  Why is Saving for a Vacation so Important? For many of us, travelling is high on our list of important activities and goals. Perhaps you’re a college student wanting to backpack through Europe for the summer, or an over-worked parent needing some much deserved time on the beach. Maybe you’re newly retired and want […]

Sehvit for Landlords

  A Loyalty Program for Landlords? If you’ve been learning about Sehvit, you have likely discovered how businesses of all types will be using the program. During the course of developing Sehvit, we have spoken with Canadian business owners everywhere, from all sectors. We found that many of them had never even considered offering a […]

Sehvit for Scrap Yards

How can the Sehvit Program Benefit my Scrap Yard? As the founder of Sehvit, I speak with both business owners and their customers every day. Recently, a scrap yard owner asked me how Sehvit could be used to help his business. The answer—and this applies to all business owners—is simple. With the versatility of the […]

Sehvit for Adults

What can Sehvit do for Adults? As adults, our needs, desires, and priorities vary. Retirement savings, however, are a necessity we all have in common. Unfortunately, many of us Canadians do not have sufficient retirement savings to retire or to maintain the lifestyle we are accustomed to. So what can you do about it? Sehvit […]

Sehvit for Kids

  How can Sehvit Benefit Children? When you have time on your side, you are in the greatest position to save money for the future. With several years ahead to contribute, children can actually benefit the most from the Sehvit program. Sehvit provides you with a great opportunity to start saving for your children’s educations—by […]