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What is Sehvit?

Sehvit is a unique, revolutionary loyalty program, designed to encourage and help all Canadians save money for the important things in life. Originally created to help save for retirement, we quickly realised that different people have different needs and priorities. Although one person may need to save more for retirement, the next person may already have a great pension, but no savings for their child’s education. So as the vision grew, we came to understand the key to the success of the program—flexibility.

Back to the drawing board we went, and what we came up with is the program that exists today—one that allows Canadians to direct their savings to just about anything. Save for education or a vacation, pay off debt, or even donate to a favourite charity or religious organisation.

How Can Schools Benefit from Using Sehvit?

For founder Mauro, including Canadians of all ages in the program is crucial. His goal of helping people save money while also becoming financially literate, extends to everyone. This is why education is an integral part of the Sehvit program. Mauro hopes to help all children begin learning about financial literacy early on in their lives.

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In conjunction with education, implementing the Sehvit program itself will give schools a great new avenue for fundraising. Therefore, as a Sehvit member, a school can use the program to raise money for charity, for school trips, for its sports program, or even for new equipment or supplies. 

How Does it Work?

As a Sehvit member, your school will be given its own Sehvit account. When conducting fundraising activities, people can either donate directly, or donate from their own Sehvit accounts. Encourage those interested in supporting the school to open their own Sehvit accounts, with the school as the beneficiary. Then, each time those supporters shop at a participating retailer or service provider, the money earned will go directly to the school. What a great way to receive consistent donations!

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At Sehvit, we want financial literacy and social responsibility to be a part of life for all Canadians. This is why Sehvit for Schools is so important. Start your students off on the right foot in life, by teaching them how to save and manage their money. Sehvit was designed for us all to work together, for a common goal.

Sign up today, we will let you know when Sehvit will be available at your school.

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