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How can the Sehvit Program Benefit my Scrap Yard?

As the founder of Sehvit, I speak with both business owners and their customers every day. Recently, a scrap yard owner asked me how Sehvit could be used to help his business. The answer—and this applies to all business owners—is simple. With the versatility of the program, you customise it to fit the needs and priorities of your business and your customers.

Specific to your business, though, there are several ways to integrate Sehvit for Scrap Yards:

Perhaps you want to generate more copper purchases. In this case, for example, offer an additional 5 cents per ton over the going rate. The extra cash earned is deposited to the seller’s Sehvit account. Another idea—increase what you pay by .02 cents a ton. Then, offer increments based on weight—such as 2 cents a ton if over 5 tons, 3 cents if over 15 tons, etc. Again, the extra payment would be deposited to the Sehvit account.

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Certain scrap yards also sell to the public. In this case, you have the flexibility to offer incentives the same way as any other retailer. Offer discounts on items you want to move, etc.

How is Sehvit Different from Other Loyalty Programs?

One of the unique advantages of Sehvit has over other programs is the customisabililty. The needs of individual businesses vary—what works for one business or customer base, does not necessarily work for another. Designed with this in mind, the Sehvit program gives you the freedom to tailor the program to suit the needs of both your business and your customers. You have complete control.

But perhaps the most important advantage of participating in the Sehvit program is your business’s participation in a truly revolutionary movement. By partnering with Sehvit, you are not only giving your business the opportunity to attract customers, but are informing the public that your business is socially responsible. Being an active participant in your customers’ financial futures will give your business a new way to participate in the community.

We at Sehvit are dedicated to improving the financial well-being of all Canadians—business owners and their customers.

Join Sehvit today and find out as soon as it available in your area.

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