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A Loyalty Program for Landlords?

If you’ve been learning about Sehvit, you have likely discovered how businesses of all types will be using the program. During the course of developing Sehvit, we have spoken with Canadian business owners everywhere, from all sectors. We found that many of them had never even considered offering a loyalty program—thinking it was either too expensive or not appropriate for their types of businesses.

As a landlord, you are probably thinking the same thing. As with most landlords we have spoken with, you have probably never considered using any kind of loyalty program to attract tenants or encourage certain behaviours.

But before now, you have never had a flexible program like Sehvit and a great idea like Sehvit for Landlords!

The Sehvit program is completely customisable, you tailor it to your needs. Sehvit was designed to help all businesses build better relationships with their customers, clients—or even tenants.

Being a landlord, you are familiar with the trials and tribulations of renting. You have great tenants who pay on time, who you appreciate and want to keep. But more often than not, you also have some tenants that pay late. So what can you do to reward your good tenants, while encouraging the others to pay on time? Sehvit for Landlords!

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The Sehvit program was designed for situations just like yours. We know it’s impossible to please everyone, and some people will never pay on time. However, creating a positive relationship with your tenants is a great first step.

How Would I Implement Sehvit for my Tenants?

With the flexibility of Sehvit, you are free to design the program as you see fit. Depending on your needs and priorities, you may want to offer incentives for on-time payments, for new tenants, or even for rewarding a noisy tenant for being quiet.

For example: your current tenants pay their rent late most of the time, and this is affecting your cash-flow. You don’t want to evict them, as they are quiet, take care of the property, and are otherwise good tenants. So how do you encourage them to pay on time? Offer an incentive. Deposit $25 to their Sehvit account every time they pay their rent on time for 3 months in a row. Make a game of it—raise the deposit to $30 for the following 3 month stretch. Or, if you are in a position to do so, try a great incentive such as depositing a portion of 1 month’s rent to their Sehvit account if they pay their rent on time for a year.

Not only will you be giving your otherwise great tenants incentive to pay on time, you will be creating a positive atmosphere. When your tenants see their savings growing—with your help—how could they help but feel lucky to have you as a landlord?

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Sehvit is a program designed to help Canadians from all walks of life become more financially literate and socially responsible, while saving for the future. We at Sehvit are actively searching for partners who want to build their businesses by creating lasting, loyal relationships with their customers.

Join Sehvit today, we will let you know when it is available in your area.

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