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Why is Saving for a Vacation so Important?

For many of us, travelling is high on our list of important activities and goals. Perhaps you’re a college student wanting to backpack through Europe for the summer, or an over-worked parent needing some much deserved time on the beach. Maybe you’re newly retired and want to finally see the world, or you’re a new Canadian missing family back home. Our reasons may differ, but we can all agree that travelling is a meaningful part of life. Experiencing other landscapes, food, and cultures, while taking a break from everyday life is positive and sometimes life-changing.

So how can you make it happen? Sehvit for a Vacation!

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 How Can Sehvit Help Me Save for a Vacation?

The problem most of us face is saving up enough money to finally take that trip. Not only can it be difficult to save enough to travel every year or two, it can be next to impossible to save enough to travel even once. This is where Sehvit can help.

Because Sehvit is so versatile—allowing you to contribute to any account and for any purpose—saving for your vacation will finally be possible. Use your Sehvit account to deposit the cash you earn with our participating retail partners to a savings account of your choice. Simply set up your account, shop, and watch your savings grow. Contribute separately to build your vacation fund even faster.

The Sehvit program was built around a simple concept: to help both businesses and people secure their financial futures—not only by providing a new way to save money, but through education and financial literacy. At Sehvit, we are committed to helping you save for the future—while realising your dreams along the way.

Let us help you get there.

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