The Sehvit Loyalty Program Canada

Collect Cash—Not Points.

Why Sehvit?

  • Businesses

    • Sehvit helps develop relationships and loyalty with your customer.
    • Belong to a truly beneficial loyalty program without the design and upkeep costs of developing your own.
    • Sehvit allows indefinite retailers or service providers to belong to a single loyalty program. 
  • Charities and Churches

    • A simple way to donate to a favorite charity or religious organisation, without ever having to write a cheque or charge a credit card.
    • Sehvit allows you the flexibility to donate any percentage of the cash received from Sehvit, up to 100%.
    • Sehvit provides an exciting new avenue for charities or religious organisations to increase donations.
  • People

    • Sehvit helps you save your money— save for a rainy day or contribute to a specific savings account.
    • Sehvit is a loyalty program you can use at a variety of participating retailers or service providers.
    • Each sale can be rounded up to the nearest dollar to further contribute to your plan.
    • Sehvit is a truly practical, easy to understand loyalty program using regular currency instead of difficult to understand points. 
  • Financial Institutions

    • Sehvit helps you gain more customer savings accounts, increasing cash on hand.
    • Sehvit gives you the opportunity to help your customers increase their credit worthiness, while lowering their debt service ratios.
    • Sehvit helps you foster more positive savings account based relationships with your clients, rather than purely consumer debt service based transactions.